General Admission Rules

1.      New students will be accessed in term of their Chinese language levels, which might include a pre-test using the end of the year examination of the immediate lower level.

2.      When there is a limitation in class vacancy, a child's name can be put on a waiting list. Any vacancy available will be released to applicants on the waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis.

3.      School calendar School runs around 26 weeks (It may little more weeks or less if it is needed) except for school holidays each year. (Exclude summer program)   

4.      The tuition should be determined by the Board of Chinese Academy of Memphis on a yearly basis. See each year's CAM notice.

5.      Tuition Refund Policy:

  • Registration fee, textbook fee will not be refunded.

  • 100% tuition refund before or on the school opening day.

  • 50% before or on the second school day.

  • No refund on or after the third school day.

  • No refund if a student is expelled from the school.

6.      Addition Rules for different locations: There are a little different concerns in the rules at different locations. Please check and obey the rules for your location carefully.

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Please read the following rules for students and parents

Rules for students

Rules for parents